Sunday, December 15, 2013

the great sleepover reunion

In the transient life that is the military you come along friends that you know will be with your for a season, neighbors and coworkers that you enjoy during your time (or theirs) at different bases around the globe.  Every so often you come across a friend that you know will be around despite the different  time zones.  It doesn't happen very often for kids - especially young kids - as they just kind of move on, but for these 4 boys they just connected in a way that makes them friends for life.  Our families also became friends and we were so blessed when they decided to make a trip happen to visit us.  Just the moms and the boys, this time, but it was such a welcome reminder of times-past and reaffirmation for a future with friendships that last.  
The boys spent most of the time in the house enjoying all their favorite things.  I ended up with a nasty cold and so my dear friends took care of me and we enjoyed good food, wine, and endless laughs and conversation.  

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