Saturday, November 23, 2013

UM-La Crosse Turkey Trot 2013

The boys and I ran in the 19th annual race today!  It was COLD out there, baby - a chilly 12degrees and windy.  Noah was feeling a little off the night before and when we came home from the race we discovered he was running a fever, but he still pressed on and ran the whole way.  Micah had to walk a few times to breath through some side aches, and his legs were getting a little sore toward the end, but he made it the whole way and finished strong. Sarah didn't run the race, so instead she acted as our chauffeur.  She ended up parking on a side street along the campus, unbeknown to her, that the racer were going to use - so when the runner's started filtering by she took a short video and caught and took a screen cap of a shot with all four of us in the frame - ain't technology great?
   We'll do it again next year - but plan to train a little more so Micah can run the whole way and MAYBE get Sarah out on the trail?
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