Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the weight of paper

Today Rob's Dad and I spent the better part of the morning sorting through piles and piles of papers.It was a job I'd been putting off, yet there was no particular reason that we had to do it now, it just worked out in our schedules to be able to do it together.   I also didn't want wait too much longer because knowing the task was waiting for me was building it up to be almost worse than it was.  almost.  it was several gut wrenching hours of painstakingly going through things, sorting out what to keep, what needed to be shredded, and what could just be thrown away.  Bob did most of the work, I was so thankful for him today, and sorted it into piles for me to go through.  We came across papers from his original enlistment into the Air Force, orders to his assignments in Missouri, Kuwait, Korea, and Germany.  There were also certificates from classes he completed or awards he had won.  Ham radio licenses, manuals, and gadgets.  We'd come across notebooks full of his handwriting or things he had saved that were sentimental to him.  The task is far from over, there are some things that I'm just not ready to face yet and many things that we set aside that I'm not willing to let go.  But there is a big pile of things to get rid of and 2 bags full of shredded documents - and make no mistake - come Friday, trash day, it will still be nearly impossible to carry those out to the curb.  But I have this picture, and it serves as proof. Records of a life (albeit too short by my standards) lived, testament of a man who meticulously cared and provided for his family and enjoyed the things on this earth that God gave him talents in.  Evidence of a life well-lived.

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