Monday, September 30, 2013

the keys to home

Did you ever have that moment as a new parent?  You know the one - you've just had your baby and they're releasing you from the hospital - you're anxious to get going, get home, start your life as a parent.  C'Mon!  can't we get the release papers signed any quicker?  Yeah, yeah, yeah this is all stuff you've gone over - I KNOW!
   Then, just like that you're in the car traveling home.  Walk through the front door, all smiles, "Welcome Home, baby!!"
  Now what are we supposed to do?  Can you believe they just let us take this baby by ourselves?  What do we do with it?

so, I found buying a house was a little like that.    First there was the whole finding the house, deciding that I wanted to put an offer on it, the negotiating, and then the waiting.
There was much anticipation leading up to the big "CLOSING" day.  My closing was a bit further off after the offer was accepted because I had agreed to wait until their new house was ready for them to move into before they left.
   FINALLY, the big day was here and the paperwork took a long, long time.  after what seemed like hours it was over.  and just like that.
 I had keys and drove to my new house.  I had this sudden urge to just keep driving because, "OH MY GOODNESS, what have I done?  They really just let me have the keys?"  What am I supposed to do now?  I'm a homeowner?  What was I thinking!?!?!?

   The week I bought the house is a blur - My brother came down from Minneapolis to help me get some walls painted, people from church helped move a bunch of stuff over, grandparents helped, my mom and dad came up from Florida, and slowly we turned the house into our home.  It really is the perfect house for our family.  I'm sure more picture will appear over time, but here's one from about 10 days after the closing, once the living room was set up.

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