Saturday, August 31, 2013

Milwaukee County Zoo

School starts on TUESDAY (for the boys, Sarah actually had her first few classes last week Thursday and Friday).  We took the long weekend to go visit Waukesha and stayed with Grandma Ann and Grandpa Lee.  Grandma took us to the zoo for the day and the kids had SO MUCH FUN!  The weather was great and the animals were all cooperative and playful.  Not having been to many zoos in their lifetime they really enjoyed their day at the park!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Living the Wisconsin Life

 Or - "What I did this Summer"

Acclimating to Wisconsin had its ups and downs, especially with all the "bonus drama" surrounding us.  Because we are living with Rob's Dad and Elaine we are able to take everything at our pace.  They have little lists of things we need to accomplish, but are never forceful and always willing to help us achieve whatever is on the list.  Some of us (Noah) hit the ground running with summer marching band practice and Boy Scouts.  Other's of us (Micah) didn't have a lot going on and patiently waited for the next grandparent to be available to play Monolply.  We slowly started to find our desire to make this place our home and to go on with whatever this new way forward was going to look like.    There were good days - a church picnic, Noah marching in his first parade, Sarah starting driving lessons or traveling on her first solo plane trip to go see her boyfriend in Oklahoma, finding a running trail (that's me and Phantom).  But there were hard days.  The grief was unescapable and the weight of everything to come was overwhelming.  When I couldn't stand to be in my own skin and thought that the sadness and complexity would overwhelm me we took off to see my brother and his girlfriend, Suzy, in Minneapolis for a couple of days.
  I am not going to do a "post per event" as is my usual format for this blog, but just arrange a jumble of pictures from our first days/months in Wisconsin.  

  July 11th - Noah spent a week with his new boy scout troop at a summer camp just a few miles up the road from us.  

July 16th - Spending a couple of days in Minneapolis - the boys gaming.

July 18th/20th celebrating Phantom's 6th birthday with the grandparents and The boys on the bike trail (my new running trail!!)

August 2nd, Sarah in Oklahoma City visiting Evan.

August 10th - In Minneapolis to celebrate Uncle Rolf's birthday.  grilling out, trip to Minehaha Falls, and more games (of course!!)

August 17th, watching Noah in the Holmen Kornfest parade

August 19th Micah enjoying the beach at Fort McCoy during the annual church picnic

August 23rd - Micah participating in a week long Cub Scout Day camp

August 23rd, Noah in the bleachers with the marching band during the first home game of the season.  (We all went to watch, too!)