Wednesday, June 26, 2013


One of the things topping our "moving out of Germany will be OK" was a concert happening at Summerfest just days after our scheduled arrival to Wisconsin.  So, after arriving in LaCrosse and a whirlwind 3 days of buying cell-phones, settling in to the grandparents house, we headed to the east side of the state to stay with my best friend from High School, Cathi, and her family.  Sarah's boyfriend flew up from OKC to attend the concert with us.   Sharing Summerfest with the kids was a good experience, especially so soon after arriving in Wisconsin.  Having grown up near Milwaukee, Rob and I attended Summerfest every year.  We went with friends and then later, once we were an item together.  It's what you do around the 4th of July in Wisconsin.  We hadn't been back in 16 years since moving away and walking down the midway so much had changed, but so much was exactly the same.  It was fun to share stories with the kids about my crazy youth and retelling stories that Rob had relayed to me about his escapades - usually with his best friend, Kraig.  

I don't know if you know this or not - but I'm kind of a fan of The Avett Brothers.  Really?  You're surprised?  anyway, getting to see them was so amazing and they put on a great, great show - despite their set being interrupted by the fireworks show.  The other act, the Violent Femmes, was really a cool thing to get to share with the kids!  One of my favorite bands and records of all time (if you're anywhere over 36 years old and don't claim the same then you're just wrong) my kids grew up knowing these songs.  IT was truly fun to get to attend this show.
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