Friday, June 7, 2013

High School GRADUATION!!!

 Sarah graduated during a ceremony with Ramstein High School held in the giant FCK stadium (which stands foFußball club, Kaiserslautern) downtown.  Most of her credits were homeschool credits, but since she finished out her high school career with the Dodds school, they allowed her to walk the ceremonty with the graduating class.  about a month before the ceremony each senior was required to write 40 words out on a form, then, as they crossed the stage, shaking hands with the asst. principals and principal, their paragraph was read aloud.  Sarah stuggled with hers, but finally settled on something along the lines of this:
 "Wait, I only get 40 word to thank all the people I love and who mean the most to me?  And that was already like 15 words, Wow, I better get started - ok, here I go, I would like to thank........"
  It was PERFECT!

(Left, Sarah and her mentor, Beth)

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