Thursday, May 30, 2013

taking apart the puzzle

As the chaos of PCS'ing threatens to pull me under the words to one of my favorite 80's tunes runs through my head, 
               "Seven years went under the bridge, like time was standing still.  Heaven knows what happens now......" (OMD)
   It has become increasingly evident, as we let go of our home here, that we are completely different from the family that moved here in 2005.  People talk about journey's coming full-circle, but I can only see this one road that stretches out and there's no way to get back to where it began, even though it seems like just yesterday.  
  Moving is never without its challenges - and we military people have it down to a science.  We're practiced at the process, methodical in our madness, confident in the chaos.   The lasts, the goodbyes, the end - it's all just (usually) a step toward the next assignment, the next adventure.  We overcome the last minute problems: the car, the pet, or (in my case) contracting Scarlet Fever the weekend before the movers come;  we somehow accomplish it all before the flight with the help of other well-honed people standing ready to help you through the craziness - because they know their turn is coming.  
Our lasts - our goodbyes - our endings are somewhat more finale as we not only let go of our home for the last 8 years, but also that whole "family" that is the military life.  I was thinking about that this morning while I scrolled through Facebook (which I definitely don't have time for, I know, but there it is).  I was reading the posts about friends PCS'ing to their next base, looking at pictures of promotion ceremonies, a retirement ceremony.  And while the Air Force (and in particular Rob's immediate command here in Germany) have been wonderful to us throughout his illness, his death, and our aftermath - we will leave that whole community with not much pomp and circumstance.  My kids won't ever punch rank onto their Dad's arm.  There won't be a plaque for me after 20+ years of following Rob across the globe and steadfastly supporting him and his mission.  We will quietly slip away from all that we knew and navigate these new waters.  We will, again, become a completely different family.  
   As I watch the boxes get filled, or the truck pull away with the furniture I sold it's like watching a puzzle slowly being taken apart.  Pieces of the life that were held together in a random interlocking pattern.  Tangible memories that we will leave here.  With God's grace, mercy, and peace I know there are objects that will replace the missing, the picture will look different - new, but, yet, somehow.......... complete.  

  I gotta go organize something before my dog gets lost............. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

with these vows

on this, our 19th wedding anniversary.......

"I drink good coffee every morning
It comes from a place that's far away
And when I'm done I feel like talking
Without you here there is less to say
Don't want you thinking I'm unhappy
What is closer to the truth
Is that if I lived till I was a hundred and two
I just don't think I'll ever get over you
I'm no longer moved to drink strong whiskey
I shook the hand of time and I knew
that if I lived till I could no longer climb my stairs
I just don't think I'll ever get over you
Your face it dances and it haunts me
your laughter is still ringing in my ears
I still find pieces of your presence here
even after all these years
I don't want you thinking that i don't get asked to dinner
cause I'm here to say that I sometimes do
and even though I may seem to feel a touch of love
I just don't think I'll ever get over you
if I live till I was a hundred and two
I just don't think I'll ever get over you"

                                                                                     - Colin Hay, "I just don't think I'll ever get over you"

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Intercamp with 156

Intercamp - more than 3500 scouts from all over the world come together in Cadier en Keer (the Netherlands) for a weekend of camping.  Noah has loved being a part of this annual event, and it was the first campout he went on after crossing over to Boy Scouts - so it seems only fitting that it was his last with the troop.  This year, since it's his last, he actually remembered his camera and better yet - remembered to take some pictures!  Yeah Noah!

Friday, May 10, 2013


all three kids performed at the Mondescheinmarkt in Landstuhl (a kind of city festival highlighting all the local businesses)  Noah & Micah with their piano school, Sarah and Micah (again) with their dance school.