Tuesday, April 30, 2013

how to tell......................

If you regularly read this blog, then you won’t be surprised by the statement that my kids and I are rather a close-knit unit.  We’ve always been a close family, even before Rob got sick.  I would not say that the tragedy of this past year has brought us closer to each other, but rather that we have clung on to one another a little more tightly and almost exclusively, which I think is normal and right.  It is a good thing…   but, spending almost all your time with double-digit midgets does have its consequences…………
 In light of the seriousness and dreariness of my last post I thought I would add a little humor to this blog.  The idea for this post came to me when I saw a blue port-a-potty parked at a construction site down the street from my house and immediately thought I’d spotted the TARDIS.  After a week of this same thing I thought, “Man, I need to watch something besides science-fiction”.
The top 10 signs that not only are your kids geeks, but that you might just be one, too – or just in desperate need of some adult conversation.
  (and don’t feel bad if you don’t get any of these – there are many I wish I could unknow.  Like cat bug.)
1) I’ve already mentioned the TARDIS.  And catbug.
2)   Someone offered me cake and I had to refuse because, “the cake is a lie.”
3) Any hissing noise immediately puts me on my guard for a creeper – which I am sure is right behind me, ready to explode. 
4) Everything – EVERYTHING – can be made into an arrow to the knee joke
5) A broken jar of tartar sauce in aisle 2 sends me looking for Tim-Tim and his mini-minotaur. 
6) I hurled a barrel and cut down a house plant and was genuinely surprised that it didn’t yield any sort of financial gain. 
7)   Did I mention catbug?
8)   “Dude, this thing claims I have mail.  Dude, now I’m totally reading it”, “We’re on a bridge Charlie”, “I like Trains”,  “Once upon a time in the magical land of Toronto, Canada……….” and other ridiculous movie/youtube quotes are a part of my daily – if not hourly – conversation
9)  I understand several phrases in Elvish, and worse – I can respond now. 
10)  I have had the most imponderable joy of watching Charlie is so cool like, which makes me, like, cool

Now, someone please go bake me a pie – what flavor?  PIE FLAVOR!  I’m off to Facebook chat with my daughter, even though she is in the same house as me.  Because that’s how we roll.  
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