Friday, December 7, 2012

since there's no place to go......

There were whispers of snow on every one's lips at the beginning of this week. By Thursday all the signs were there and warnings were being issued. The storm was supposed to start mid-morning on Friday and we were excited, despite ourselves.
Our family, all of us, love snow - always. As hard as it has been to handle the approaching holidays, we could not keep the smiles from our lips as the flurries teased us all day Thursday.
The snow did hit today, not as much as they were predicting, but enough. I picked up a tree last night, while getting all my errands done in case the coming weather turned nasty.
The kids came home from school on Friday and the four of us set out to try and figure out how to string lights on a tree. It was a tedious job, made more so because we were jumping a hurdle..... learning to do a job that was not ours......
As we fought against the scratches and pine-needles, it was one of those moments, where his absence screams so loud everything else gets fuzzy. Yet, at the same time..... the snow, the lights, the smell of pine..... we were feeling accomplished as we slowly figured out how to get the lights just so. And I knew. this small step. we were moving on.

While I didn't want to get a Christmas Tree, the kids insisted, and rightly so. I wanted to do it this weekend since all the kids will be home (a rarity!), but the weather forced my hand into picking up the tree on Thursday rather than Saturday morning. And because everything is Providence and God's timing is perfect - you'll want to read on.
When I was on base today I checked mail and there was a package from my cousin Tammy with an ornament for our tree.  It seemed fitting that this be the first ornament on our tree. The kids and I admired the tree, with its one ornament, feeling those rush of conflicting emotions. But God knew. God knew. And when I went to grab my iPad to take a picture of the tree, I noticed I had several new emails (it's rare that I go so long without checking my email in the evenings, but I was busy being attacked by branches). One of those emails was from the Customs Law Specialist assigned to my family's case. My request to the German gov't has been approved and we have been granted permission to remain here in Germany through the school year.
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