Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

Though we usually spend New Years Eve with our friend's, the Briggs, we found that as the holiday got closer the day was just too steeped in tradition and memories for us to be able to do the same thing this year.  It was also a little different because we had family visiting.  So, in the end, we decided to stay home, grill out, and light off fireworks with our neighbors.  This was the first time we have fired up the grill since Rob died, and it was good to have my brother here to cook the meat and help us over that hurdle.  We settled on a menu of steak, salmon, fettucni Alfredo, and steamed broccoli. 
Earlier that day Suzy helped me and the kids take down the tree and pack away all the decorations.  They asked me what I had to do with the tree, and I told them that Rob usually cut the tree up and would burn it throughout the next year during our frequent cook-outs.  Rolf and Suzy took that information, and after dinner they proceeded to cut up my tree and  burn the ENTIRE thing on New Years Eve.  Many jokes were made about the ceremonial burning of the Christmas Tree on New Years Eve.  S'mores were cooked over the burning pine.... It was funny.  I'm thankful, though, because it's one less thing I need to figure out.
  We lit off a few firecrackers and sparklers during the evening, but went out front with our neighbors and some friends that stopped over to light off a BUNCH around 11 PM.  Then at midnight we toasted and watched our entire village light up with

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