Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend with Heather

This past weekend my friend, Heather, came to visit us with her youngest, Titus. When this family lived in Germany they were among our closet friends. Their latest assignment has them stationed in England - so a few months ago the whole family made the trip to visit with all of us, including Rob.
Heather so wanted to come for the memorial that they held here, in Germany, for Rob. Her husband's work schedule and kids' health wouldn't allow it, or the week after - but in God's perfect timing things worked out so that she could come and spend the long Veteran's Day weekend with us.
The community blessed the kids and I by making sure we had dinner for TWO WEEKS after we came back from Wisconsin. I can't tell you how helpful that was, how welcome, how needed. It allowed me time to not have to think about it and be distracted by 1,000 other things. As the second week was coming to a close I began to realize I was going to have to think about cooking again. And it was harder than I thought. Everything I thought to make, every item in my kitchen holds a memory of a life I don't have anymore. Maybe it's different because being a housewife for 17 years, cooking was something I excelled at and always enjoy. But I couldnt' think of a thing to make. or that I wanted to make. It actually overwhelmed me.
Heather and me at a housewaring party we
 attended on Monday afternoon
The meals stopped on Wednesday of last week and on Thursday we managed with leftovers. So, Friday was the first day I actually HAD to have a plan. And it was time. Knowing that was the day Heather was arriving made it so much easier to HAVE to come up with a plan. Using her as an excuse made getting back in the kitchen SO MUCH easier.
Not only that, but Heather brought some new (to me) cookbooks and the following day we shopped together, cooked together, and enjoyed a meal that was completely brand new to me - that got me excited about cooking again and preparing meals.
Titus "helping" Noah practice the piano
I am thankful for the visit and the sweet time I got to share with my friend. It is amazing to me that God cares for me so powerfully and so intimately that He was aware of an area that I would struggle before I even realized it - as simple as cooking a meal, and with all that is facing me you'd think that would be the least of my concerns.
They left this morning and I am blogging the couple of pictures that we captured along with a sincere thank you to the whole family. For her husband who took time off work and kept the older two so she could come - and to Heather. For lots and lots, but mostly for just being there.
Why, yes - yes, that is cardamom chicken, basmati rice, and HOMEMADE nann!  It was delicious!

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