Friday, November 23, 2012

thankful it's done

It's not hard for us to find things to be grateful for, really, it's not.  It was HARD to have a holiday without him.  Our family, the 5 of us, so very close and steeped in traditions that we created over the years.  So much a part of the preparation and planning, it was hard not to miss him every single second of the last week.  To make an apple pie again, his favorite. 
    The day was fine, the food was good, but we were the most thankful last night about 9:30 PM when the pie was eaten, dishes were done, the movie was over, and we could all just go to bed and be DONE with THAT first. 
  I think, I believe, it was the best it could have possibly been just 6 weeks after losing him.  It was good to be here, in Germany, and in our home -without a big fuss or a lot of guests. 
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