Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20th, 2012

through caring bridge and this blog we have let our struggle be very public, so while it may seem strange, I am going to post some pictures from the day of Rob's funeral in WI.  I've written about it on Rob's caringbridge site , and I wanted to share some of the things that meant so much to us.  To celebrate his life.  To mourn our loss.  To share our grief.  Tina, from Natural Freckle Photography, came and donated her time and resources to spend the day capturing most of these images these images. 
(above) Outside the church, the Patriot guard stood watch and posted flags.
(below) after the service as the crowd leaves the church to form the procession 

(above) - during the burial service at the graveside the military guard gives the 21-gun salute while the patriot guard riders stand watch.
(below) Krissie being presented with the flag and the kids say goodbye before the casket is lowered.
my brother Rolf, hugging Sarah, with his girlfriend, Suzy, standing close-by.  At the reception following the cemetery Rolf and noah performed a song, Come Sail Away (styx), together (pictured below.)

At the reception we requested that everyone wear jeans, T-shirts, and converse since that was the outfit Rob was most often seen in.  We brought Rob's converse and placed them on the stage at the reception - then we all lines our shoes next to his.  

These are most of the lovely ladies that traveled from all over the country to come be with me and the kids.  I met all of them through the two Air Force bases we've lived at and they were all such a blessing and a comfort to come and be with me.  I was also blessed to have a large number of friends from my home-town (mostly from high school) come, but I don't have any of those pictures.  If any of you read this blog, PLEASE send me some pictures!! 

On Sunday, the day before we left, the kids and I went back to the cemetery to say goodbye.  We took this picture of the area where Rob is burried. It is the same cemetery that Les Paul, a Waukesha native, is laid to rest.  I think Rob, a guitarist, would have thought that was pretty cool.  He (Les Paul) died in 2009 and though we had heard that we didn't know where he was buried until after the funeral.
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