Sunday, August 26, 2012

the past two weeks.

Rob's Dad and Elaine (the grandparents Murphy) came to spend a couple weeks with us.  The visit was quiet, mostly spent at home.  LOTS and LOTS of games were played (the kids even talked Grandma into learning Kuh Handle and Carcassone).  Bob did lots of fix-it jobs around the house from the computers, to Rob's guitar, to yard-work.  Elaine helped do lots of mending, cooking and cleaning.Here are some random pictures from over the last two weeks.
Bob settled right in (even in the cluttered mess that is my desk) helping us fix our computer and gets some things done that Rob has been wanting.

Grandma sharing some of her favorite recipes.
We, of course, had to share some of our favorite recipes, too - which mostly include things cooked on the grill, including S'mores.

our friend, Israel, who we've made an honorary Murphy.  My kids just adore him.

Sarah and Hannah, who wanted to tie-dye since it was the last week of summer vacation.  I think most of the dye ended up on their hands, feet, faces, legs, etc....
Bob was able to help Rob complete a project on Rob's guitar, that the vision problems have prevented Rob from being able to do.  It was fun having Bob be Rob's eyes.  I love this picture because they're genuinely laughing (mostly at me, but who cares). 

Before church on Sunday I realized we hadn't taken any good pictures of everyone all together..... but it was raining.  The kids were able to put on their brave faces and withstand the rain.......

Rob, not so much. 
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