Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First & Second Day of School

first day - Aug 27th
We have LOVED homeschooling for the past seven years.  The kids didn't want to stop, and I certainly did not want to send them to school.  The last semester of the past year, however, showed us that it was too hard to keep the kids home AND keep up with the demanding schedule of Rob's illness.  After the new development of the brain metatheses we were faced with deciding to return to the states for Rob to seek treatment or to stay here in Germany to continue with the docotrs in Homburg.  The kids starting school was one of our major bullets in the "stay in Germany" column.  It wasn't easy to get all the paperwork together and line up all the appointments, but we have a decicated team of helpers that saw to it all the i's were dotted and t's crossed.  Even more heartwrenching was the thought of actually sending them.  Growing up I didn't have very good experiences in schools, in fact I was very bullied.  I didn't chose to homeschool because of the abuse I suffered, but it certainly crossed my mind several timeswhen thinking about my kids walking into classrooms and using a school locker room.  We've always trusted God with our decision to homeschool and He has blessed us tremendously, but letting go of that control and trusting God with my kids GONE for 8 hours a day....... well, that took some serious prayer time. 
    I'm thankful for the incredible support we received in sending the kids to school.  From the Mom's who helped me turn in paperwork, set up appointments, write up transcripts, shop for school supplies, to the kind hearted person who had to go pick up a forgotten back-pack and deliver it to the school office for me.... The kids started smoothly - I dropped them off, stayed ON BASE, and picked them up the first day where they were full of stories, smiles, and anticipation.  The next day they rode the bus, which Micah quickly decided was going to be his favorite part of 4th grade.
   The easeof their transition, the level of comfort they had in attending school here, because they know a few kids, they know the area, they still have their home and neighborhood, made us realize that choosing to stay here in Germany was the absolute right thing to do.  Look at Micah's smile as he sits on the bus and you cannot help but agree!

second day, waiting at the bus stop.
Micah on the bus
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