Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stand Against Sarcoma

On Saturday a run was held on Ramstein AB in honor of Rob.  The run was master-minded by the gentleman in the picture on the left, Kevin Boden, whose family attends the same church as ours.  Once he got the ball rolling lots of people stepped up to help.  The run was organized BEFORE the new diagnosis of brain cancer, but was so timely with the recent diagnosis to show support for Rob and our family.  Rob, still in the hospital, wasn't able to attend the run, but lots of people took pictures and someone from his work filmed tons of footage to show him.  I posted about the run on Rob's Caring Bridge Site, but here some pictures to help tell the story.....
 From the back of a pick up truck the kids and I wait to address the crowd, I look mad (I was listening to the Commander say a few words), but I was really just terribly nervous about speaking in front of everyone.  After my remarks and before my kids said, "Ready, Set, Go!", I took some pictures of the crowd, Left, Center, and Right (pictured Below)
 you can see little guys from my Cub Scout Den in the front manning the water station at the start/finish of the race. 

Here I am at the start of the race.  I wasn't able to finish the whole thing because I was just too emotional, but ALL THREE of my kids ran/walked the WHOLE thing!
Filming everything for Rob
Noah's Boy Scout Troop volunteered to run a water station at the midway point of the run.  When Noah passed by they all splashed him with cups of water.  Noah thought it was awesome, and it was so great to see his troop out there supporting us.  A shot of the boys and parents helping pictured below.
At the finish line the boys and I wait for Sarah.  Noah ran 10 K in an hour and 10 minutes.  Our friend, who Micah refers to as "the Commander", ran/walked the whole way with Micah and he made it all 6 miles.
This is Col. Brad Barnhardt, his wife Bella and Rob's Mom Ann.  We were thankful that Ann was able to be here for the run.  Col. Barnhardt was Rob's Commander when this whole mess started, but has since moved up to the group.  He and his wife are still some of Rob's biggest supporters and always willing to help any way.  I was so happy that he paced with Micah so Micah was able to do the whole run at his speed.  Micah talks about him all the time, too.  It's very cute the way he calls him, "the Commander".
Sarah finishes the race!
She wasn't the fastest (okay, so she was one of the last) BUT she spent some much needed time walking and chatting with her bestie, Hannah, and spent some of the time shoeless because of nasty blisters.
Sarah's Dance school showing their support.  Most of the kids ran/walked, and the ones that didn't were helping out at a snack station at the end of the race put together by one of the dance Moms.

Here is my beloved Keir family (their oldest is in the water station picture) who came out to support us yet again!
After the run, at the hospital, telling Dad all about it.