Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crossover - time to be a WEBLO!!

CROSSOVER is finally here!!  This is what the boys have been looking forward to ALL year!  It is the point where they step across the bridge to their NEW RANK.  This year Micah is transitioning to WEBLOS scouts (it stands for We'll Be Loyal Scouts).  He will spend two years as a WEBLO before entering into a Boy Scout troop.  The ceremony was preceeded by a fun-filled day of events where Micah got to hang out with all his friends.  Grandma Buhn attended the actual campfire ceremony - where the scouts crossover a bridge and then receive their new neckerchief, slide, hat, and book.   (left, Micah and his good friend, Luke, during the activities - where they're still Bear scouts)
After crossing the bridge, Grandma helps Micah put on his new digs and Micah officially becomes a WEBLO!
All the parents with the new WEBLOS of Den 1 - how I LOVE these boys - and the parents aren't too bad, either!!!

The boys with their new Den Leaders and Grandma and Micah pose on the bridge.
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