Saturday, May 19, 2012

Noah's project

Noah has been working on the Boy Scout "Family Life" merit badge. One of the requirements is to decide and carry out a project around the home that would benefit his family. Noah decided to fix up our balcony into a nice sitting area for everyone, but mainly for a place for his Dad to sit when he is home in between rounds of chemo. Our balcony had lots of staining from a big gas grill that use
d to be out there, and had recently become a place for "excess baggage" to accumulate as we sorted through things for our move. Noah got it all cleaned up, scrubbed, and repaired. Noah shopped (and used a lot of his own money) to find the best deals on lawn chairs, a table, planters, and plants. He mounted the planters, assembled the furniture, and planted the flowers and small tree. It took him about 3 days, but this morning it finally all came together and Rob enjoyed his morning coffee outside.
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