Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dance Recital

With our unexpected extended stay, Sarah was able to participate in this years youth center dance recital.  This year was especially fun with just the girlies, and Sarah got to help Mary pick out the costumes.  I *think* I might have a video I can try to include.....
   It was a good day: with my mom still visiting she was able to attend and Rob was feeling strong enough to go as well.  We had great seats and enjoyed the performance.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died and I was only able to grab these shots.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Noah's project

Noah has been working on the Boy Scout "Family Life" merit badge. One of the requirements is to decide and carry out a project around the home that would benefit his family. Noah decided to fix up our balcony into a nice sitting area for everyone, but mainly for a place for his Dad to sit when he is home in between rounds of chemo. Our balcony had lots of staining from a big gas grill that use
d to be out there, and had recently become a place for "excess baggage" to accumulate as we sorted through things for our move. Noah got it all cleaned up, scrubbed, and repaired. Noah shopped (and used a lot of his own money) to find the best deals on lawn chairs, a table, planters, and plants. He mounted the planters, assembled the furniture, and planted the flowers and small tree. It took him about 3 days, but this morning it finally all came together and Rob enjoyed his morning coffee outside.

Monday, May 14, 2012

more randomness from May

every spring/early summer we see the mother doe out with her fawn (last year it was twins!).  We always have fun watching them frolic and play in the high grass.  Can you spot it?

Rob enjoying some time at home with the blanket made for him by our sweet, young friend Jadi.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

randomness from Grandma's visit

Grandma always has a few sewing projects when she is here.... and the dog is never far from her feet - he loves his G'ma.  In this case she was repairing the edging on a blanket, which Phantom decided was there just for him. 

Grandma treats the boys to spaghetti eis from our  Italian Eis truck that comes around every afternoon.  That's a WHOLE lot of ice cream for a little muffin.
Sarah is REALLY sensitive to onions, but LOVES making fresh pico de gallo, here is how she manages to chop the 3 different kinds of onions in her super-fantastic-yummy salsa!