Wednesday, March 14, 2012

five for the road

In a little courtyard we stopped to sit in the sun and let the boys run around.  We set the camera up on a rock and captured a picture of all of us.  Rob even took his mask off for the photo..... we all held our breathe! Check out Rob's Caring Bridge site for updates on his condition. 

Rob is able to walk around on his own, but he tires easily and also his breathing gets difficult because of all the damage to his lungs, so when we go out for walks he usually rides in a wheelchair.  Micah had a good time riding along on Dad's lap. 
after our walk we came to sit in the lobby of Rob's building.  We hung out and played games and Rob shared a few of the cool apps he's been finding for his iPad - including this cool guitar app that the boys (who also play guitar) were just thrilled with. (he's actually showing it to them on Sarah's Touch.

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