Monday, February 27, 2012


The "chemo tree" during Rob's first round on day 1.
The nameplate outside Rob's door.  I blurred out the name of his roommate on purpose.
Sarah's Sunday afternoon visit with her Daddy.
You can read the stories behind these pictures on Rob's CaringBridge site.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blue and Gold

February's Blue and Gold is an exciting time!  The scout's work hard all school year on their rank requirements and are awarded their new rank during this ceremony.  I was so sad not to be able to be there with my den.  I had already begun transitioning leadership over to the parents who had stepped up to leave when I was supposed to move in March, but then abruptly gave everything up when Rob was hospitalized earlier this month.  I was hopeful to still be able to attend the Blue and Gold, but it didn't end up happening and so I was very thankful for Linda and Jamie (Evan's Mom and Dad) who seamlessly transitioned the den to "theirs" and for Grandma Ann who stood in as Micah's parent during the rank ceremony.  The Pack also recognized Noah who has been such a great example and help as Den Chief. 

(above: Noah helps hand out rank) (right: Grandma Ann helps Micah pin his Bear patch on)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Court of Honor

With Daddy still in the hospital it was so great to have Grandma Ann able to attend Noah's latest Boy Scout Court of Honor.  Noah was presented with 5 merit badges AND he earned rank (first class).   There are the only photos I got, but it at least shows Mr. Mol presenting Noah with the badges, Grandma up there as his parent representative when he was awarded rank, and the whole troop at the end of the ceremony. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Intimal sarcoma of the superior vena cava.

My absense from this blog since January can be explained by following Rob's Caring Bridge Page.  I have been posting daily there on his fight and our journey through Cancer.  Our entire lives have come to a screeching halt and everything, including our move back to the states, has been put on hold.
    The one drawback to the caring bridge site is not being able to post multiple pictures at good viewing sizes, so I am still going to post on this blog in order to show a few images that we want you to be able to see.   
Rob was admitted on Feb. 7th, here are pictures of his hands on Day 4 and Day 7 to show you how extensive the swelling was.
Feb. 14th, the night I came home and went completely insane throwing green crinkly paper around.
Rob's Mom arrived on Friday Feb. 17th, the day we got the biopsy results.
A Saturday Feb. 18th visit with the kids.