Thursday, December 15, 2011

We're off to see the Irish Dance Christmas Show...

Intermediate Dance
This years Irish Dance Christmas show was at a terrific venue in Ramstein - wonderful stage, lots of seating, lighting, and sound system!  Mary did a wonderful job choreographing the whole show.  She even asked my 2 boys to play piano during the show and they were thrilled to do it.  Sarah danced in several dances, including with all the little ones she helps teach on Mondays.  Sarah's favorite performance was a piece the 6 Open/Championship level dancers put on to Wizard of Oz music.  I am including 2 videos (a part one and 2) of that dance.  The second gets cut off because the camera's memory was full, but you're only missing about 30 seconds.  
Tin-Man (Leisha), Cowardly Lion (Sarah), Wizard & Scarecrow (Cormac & Cillian), Glenda the Goodwitch (Sophie), and Dorothy (Erika)
the boys pose by the piano after the show

Sarah and Mary
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