Saturday, December 10, 2011

St. Wendel - and Mary did you know -

With the boys all off in Belgium Sarah and I took the day to travel to the Christmas market in St. Wendel.  It was a FABULOUS market and we really enjoyed ourselves.  We didn't end up buying a whole lot, but saw lots of really cool things.  The weather was mild so we stayed for several hours.  The neat thing about this market is that they have a nativity parade and a live nativity performance every evening.  The nativity parade was just the camels and the wise-men - it all happened so fast that i wasn't able to grab a picture.  The live nativity was crowded, but Sarah managed to sneak up front with the littles that were with us to watch.  After the performance I was able to snap a picture of the performers from the live nativity and you'll see the traditional purple hair and facial piercing of Mary, as it should be.  =) 
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