Saturday, December 24, 2011

the Eve

Sarah had 2 of her closet friends spend the night and when they woke up on Christmas Eve they exchanged presents.  I have loved all the kids that Sarah has grown close to during our time in Germany - some have already moved and some we have been very blessed to have here for years and years.  The 2 pictured here with Sarah are such a great example because it is one of Sarah's oldest friends, Hannah, whose family and been here for almost 6 years and Alannah, who just moved here within 2 years.  The girls were so thoughtful and really put a lot of time and thought into each others gift. 

For the past 6 months Noah has been our church's pianist (since our dear Pastor and his piano playing wife moved).  It has been challenging for Noah to learn 7 hymns (more if we have communion) every week AND learning to play so an entire congregation can sing along, but Noah has risen to the challenge and done a fantastic job.  It has improved his sight-reading as well as his confidence.  We're just as thankful for the church's faith in Noah and the opportunity for the experience as the church is grateful to have a pianist.  This month was piano FILLED for Noah as he was asked to play at Sarah's dance recital, and he was playing for the Christmas Eve service as well as the Chirstmas Day Service the next day.  He picked out a lovely arrangment for the prelude during the Christmas Eve Service that I've included here to share.  It is a little loud because people are still visiting, and he gets a little off track since he had to turn his own pages, but I KNOW my Mom will love it. =)
After church we came home and as is our family's Christmas Eve tradition emptied our stockings.  The kids were happy with their Hallmark ornaments (they're all snoopy this year) and the treats they found.  We snacked, watched a movie, brank egg-nog, and then headed off to bed - excited for the next day.
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