Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Boy Scouts travel to Bastogne in December to participate in the annual march commemorating the Battle of the Bulge.  This year Rob traveled up with Micah (and our Cub Scout friend, Noah Briggs) while Noah went with his Boy Scout troop.  Noah's troop chose an easy 7 km hikem which is what Rob meant to chose - but after not being able to hook up with the Boy Scout troop early Sat. morning and getting turned around along the path Rob and the 2 boys ended up walking almost 12 miles that day!!  Micah was pretty tired and had to soak his poor feet when they got home, but he was so happy to have been able to go since he won't get to be a Boy Scout in Germany like his older brother.  The camera batteries died on Rob, so he only got a few shots of his Cub Scouts, and another mom who went with the Boy Scouts gave me the shots of Noah with his troop.

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