Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time for Trails

My first blog post since the computer crash stole all our pictures.... starting somewhere.
    I have a few events waiting in the wings that need to be posted to update the blog, but, for today, I'm making time for trails.
 Every morning Phantom and I run (he ALWAYS runs, sometimes I just walk) on a trail close to our house.  It is just under a 7 mile loop out my front door and heads up past the next village.  Every morning, in every season, I am in awe of the beauty of this path.  Today I made the kids come back out with me in the afternoon light to snap some pictures before all the leaves are gone so that I can remember - so they can know - why saying goodbye to this trail will be one of the hardest things about leaving Germany.
The paved path heads along an old railway line down through a forest.
After about 2 miles the path continues on, but Phantom and I cut to the right through farmer's fields and a trail their tractors have cut through the woods to connect their land.  We head up a hill along the fields and our turn-around point is on top of the hill (seen in the picture above) by a big 'ole dead tree.  We call it the "dead tree path".
 of course I am still having the same silly "unable-to-rotate-photos" problem with blogger... but this is a sign in the woods heading back to the path.
the tractor trail through the forest.  Phantom can run without a leash through here and has probably "makred" every single tree along the mile and a half stretch.

Heading back to the bike trail I snapped some pictures of the kids, because they're JUST as gorgeous as the scenery - don't you agree?

heading back to our village we meet up with the bike-path again and this quaint bridge that over looks some fields where I often see fox, deer, quail, cranes, and, yes, cows.

Noah points out some cranes in the field.

Home again - these last 2 photos were taken from our upstairs balcony.  The top is looking left and the bottom is looking right.  We will forever miss this view....
 thanks for coming!
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