Saturday, November 5, 2011

and off to a feis

We took off for Holland this weekend for a feis.  We traveled up with the Briggs girls (even Hannah came though she wasn't competing so she could hang out and offer support).  Mary wanted Sarah to compete at the Championship level at least once before the big competition later this month in Milan.  It was wise advice because Sarah was scared to death to dance her set dance for the first time.  She placed high in all her intermediate level dances and last in the championship level, which is what we expected, but the experience was good.  She had fun participating in teams and a great time hanging out with her dance friends.
Sarah and her 2-hand partner, Leisha
The 4-hand team: Caitlyn, Sarah, Olivia, and Leisha
Sarah placing first in an Intermediate dance.
Sarah placing 5th (out of 5) in the Championship level
a great shot of the two 4-hand teams on stage.  They placed 1st and 2nd. 
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