Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flag Ceremony Fun

Our Bear Den was invited to be a part of CE's closing flag ceremony during their training day.  The boys did a great job helping to lower the flag, playing the music (that was Micah's job) and forming their own troop.  They were awarded a certificate from the company commander.  They all look sharp, don't they? 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

weekend update

Our weekends are usually filled with some one scouting, dance, church, homeschool, ect. activity or another, but this particular weekend there was a little something for everyone.  Friday night Noah left on a weekend camping trip with his Boy Scout Troop, Sarah's Sunday School class had a dinner at their teacher's home, and on Saturday morning Micah's Cub Scout Pack began their popcorn fundraiser. 
Dropping Noah off for the campout - with his friends from the Troop

Sarah's dinner at the Smith's home with her whole Sunday School class

Micah with some of his Pack selling popcorn inside the X-change food-court

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rated PG-13

Noah's 13th birthday was a family party - Noah received an UNBELIEVABLE present for his birthday - tickets to see his favorite band, Coldplay, IN CONCERT!  The concert isn't until Dec 20th, so we decided to buy tickets for all 5 of us and turn it into a Christmas gift as well.  It will be the kids' first concert.  They're so excited to go and can not wait until December!  Noah also received 2 Tshirts  - a Minecraft shirt (his favorite computer game) and a Zelda shirt from his sister (video game). 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Operation: Force Cub Scout

Achievement 7 for the Bears is to visit and talk with Law Enforcement.  Since it is also a requirement for several other Cub Scout ranks and achievements our Pack made a whole day of it and even invited scouts from all over our area to come out.  The Security Forces officers did a fantastic job presenting a little about what they do, the weapons they work with, the vehicles they drive, and how they do their jobs.  The highlight was watching one of the working dogs come out to demonstrate how they work together as a team.  Also, a close second was getting to check out the weapons and use the stick to beat-down a padded "suspect".  My favorite part of this post is in both pictures of my boys trying out the weapons you can see Rob smiling in the background.  Boys.
a sideways dog (it's the only photo I took) and my den with the officers.