Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hitscherhoff Fest

One of our FAVORITE fall festivals takes place on the last weekend in September.  It is a lovely farm that sells pumpkins and other wares, but on this last weekend they have vendors come out to sell all sorts of fall goodies and merchandise.  The best thing is all the pumpkin recipes they make.  We enjoyed pumpkin soup, pumpkin brats, pumpkin bread, chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, and well as flammekuchen (an oven-baked pizza type thing with onions, cheese, and bacon) and corn on the cob.  We enjoyed the food for all our friends who have moved and ate some extra for next year when we'll be in the states. 
We ate, walked around all the vendors, bought some pumpkins to bake and sweet corn to grill at home, ate,  took some pictures, picked some flowers, hung out with Sarah's friends, and at some more....

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