Friday, September 16, 2011

Cub Scout Achievment

Bear Den 1, Pack 232 pose with the Boy Scouts of Troop 156 after the flag ceremony
One of the achivements the boys have to complete as Bear Scouts is to learn how to perform and participate in a flag ceremony.  Luckily I happen to know a GREAT group of Boy Scouts to help me show these Cubs the way.  My Bear Den walked down to the high school on base where Noah's scoutmaster is a teacher.  He was able to let us use the high school flag pole and a few scouts from Noah's troop came out to help teach the boys.  Afterwards Mr. Mol, the scoutmaster, talked to the boys about being a Cub Scout wayyyyyyyyy back in the day.  Mr. Mol started out as a Cub Scout back in WI before there was even a Tiger Scout program - they were called Lion Cubs (this is part of another achievment about respecting the past).  I was so impressed with the young men (including Noah) who helped lead the 3rd graders and were willing to give their time (and wear their uniforms in front of their peers) and Thankful to Mr. Mol who was an entertaining speaker to the young boys and helped set up the whole event. 
the boys stand with Mr. Mol after he told them some great stories about being a Cub Scout long ago (to them anyway) =)

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