Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hitscherhoff Fest

One of our FAVORITE fall festivals takes place on the last weekend in September.  It is a lovely farm that sells pumpkins and other wares, but on this last weekend they have vendors come out to sell all sorts of fall goodies and merchandise.  The best thing is all the pumpkin recipes they make.  We enjoyed pumpkin soup, pumpkin brats, pumpkin bread, chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, and well as flammekuchen (an oven-baked pizza type thing with onions, cheese, and bacon) and corn on the cob.  We enjoyed the food for all our friends who have moved and ate some extra for next year when we'll be in the states. 
We ate, walked around all the vendors, bought some pumpkins to bake and sweet corn to grill at home, ate,  took some pictures, picked some flowers, hung out with Sarah's friends, and at some more....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cub Scout Achievment

Bear Den 1, Pack 232 pose with the Boy Scouts of Troop 156 after the flag ceremony
One of the achivements the boys have to complete as Bear Scouts is to learn how to perform and participate in a flag ceremony.  Luckily I happen to know a GREAT group of Boy Scouts to help me show these Cubs the way.  My Bear Den walked down to the high school on base where Noah's scoutmaster is a teacher.  He was able to let us use the high school flag pole and a few scouts from Noah's troop came out to help teach the boys.  Afterwards Mr. Mol, the scoutmaster, talked to the boys about being a Cub Scout wayyyyyyyyy back in the day.  Mr. Mol started out as a Cub Scout back in WI before there was even a Tiger Scout program - they were called Lion Cubs (this is part of another achievment about respecting the past).  I was so impressed with the young men (including Noah) who helped lead the 3rd graders and were willing to give their time (and wear their uniforms in front of their peers) and Thankful to Mr. Mol who was an entertaining speaker to the young boys and helped set up the whole event. 
the boys stand with Mr. Mol after he told them some great stories about being a Cub Scout long ago (to them anyway) =)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a Court of Honor

Noah's Troop had a fall Court of Honor tonight.  Noah was only presented with one merit badge this time around, but still wanted to make sure to record the moment since we don't have much time left with Troop 156, and this might be our last court of honor. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The morning of September 11th Rob ran in a Memorial 10k on base while Noah's Boy Scout troop waited along the sidelines to hand out water.  You can not see Noah behind the other runners, but the picture is Noah handing his Dad some water as Rob ran by.  The picture below is Rob accepting 1st place in his age group (30 - 40yrs).  He finished 5th over all.
Later that day Sarah's dance school performed during Landstuhls city fest (Stadtfest) - which had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, but they did stop all activity and ask for a moment of silence at the time when the plane had hit the first tower.
Sarah and her friends backstage waiting for the performance to begin

Friday, September 9, 2011

a fine day to be nine

the Briggs kids (x7), some of the Fry kids (x5), and the Murphy kids (x3) outside the movie Theater waiting to see Kung-Fu Panda 2. 
Micah turns 9 on the 9th!  His party this year was a family affair... We invited two other families to spend the day with us at the movies, the food court for pizza, and then at our home for dessert, presents, and playtime.  Between the 3 families there were 15 kids and Micah had a fantastic day.  He got the Ninjago figures he really wanted and a new Nerf shield and sword.  
(at the food court waiting for pizza) 

Micah wanted a Tre Leche cake for his birthday
He was pretty excited about the Lego guys!  After cake and presents the kids all went outside to play Nerf wars until it was time for everyone to go home.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

sky on fire

With autumn coming to stay we've had some great "unstable" weather producing truly spectacular skies. This was taken right outside my front door in early evening - looking up the hill where our walking trail is.WhenI turned around there was a dark sky, rain, and a rainbow. Even though the pictures can not do the "IRL" sky justice you can get the gist from these photos - which I haven't retouched AT ALL.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weinfest der Mittelmosel

walking along the Mosel to our "spot" for firework viewing we stuffed all the kids in a phone booth for a photo
 Bernkastel throws one of the best wine festivals around. On the first weekend of September, about 30 different local wine booths set up for tastings (mainly Riesling). There are also German food booths (serving wurst, pommes, reibekuchen, cheese pretzels, flammkuchen, knoblauch champignons, etc)! The highlight of the middle Mosel wine festival is always a giant fireworks display that commemorates a huge battle fought in the 13th century.  The fireworks are lit from the Burg Landshut castle and from the below Mosel shore. This event is known as the biggest pyrotechnic spectacle on the Mosel.
We had a GREAT day with good friends sitting by the Mosel under the castle waiting for the fireworks.  The kids went on some of the rides at the festival and we all ate yummy food.  The fireworks were the most amazing disply we've EVER witnessed.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Best Friends

Hannah and Sarah are trying to spend every available weekend together knowing their time is short.  S'mores, inside jokes, and crazy camera mom make for come cute candids.....  Love these girls and what they mean to each other....