Monday, August 29, 2011


This poor sad blog sits and sits - waiting to be updated.
  I've been unable to bring myself to post the last few weeks of summer. 
Computers have not been kind to us lately, and while I suspect a lot of it is user error - it still seems uncommonly severe to lose TWO hard drives within 6 months of each other - the unimaginable results being that we lost years of pictures and other assorted files.  We had computer whiz friends try to help us - but things were damaged beyond any salvageable outcome.  We had a lot backed up onto discs - and that does comfort me - but lost at least the last 18 months worth of pictures. 
   Pictures are my thing.  I'm not great at them, but above average, and even though I don't use any editing software to improve them they still tell the story of our lives.  I don't print them out and scrapbook them - I blog them.  This blog.  This creative outlet that tells the story of our family.  It's hard to even come to my blog and scroll down the page knowing that all those pictures are gone.
   Every time I try to sit and update the blog I just can't go into the new folder that Rob has created for downloading pictures to and see the vast empty white space.  Only a few folders where there used to be 100's.  I do have what is on my blog - and those can be downloaded - although not in the same quality as the original - so all is not hopeless... but there's so many I don't include on my blog - and all the photos from my daughter and son's cameras are lost forever.  candid shots of my silly kids or landscape shots that didn't make it to the blog. 
   So, it may seem trivial, insignificant in the wake of war, weather, illness, and other trials... but there it is.

So, thanks for your patience, oh faithful reader of my blog (so basically - my mom).  I'll be back soon.
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