Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

We spent the afternoon with our church family at our friend's, the Browns, house.  They have a large backyard and live within walking distance of a lake that you can swim in which is attached to a cool playground for the kids.  Jennifer arranged some really fun games for the kids and we had a blast playing, grilling, eating, and hanging out until late that evening.  Noah is missing because he left for Switzerland on Sunday morning.
Most of the kids that were there
Rob manning the grill
Gabe had a star wars costume that Micah got to try on... because what storm trooper wouldn't want a little relaxing time on the swing?
Sarah spent the better part of her time at the picnic helping a young mom with 4 very small children (including a newborn) whose husband is deployed.  She traded off responsibilities with several of the teens from our church and all the kids had a GREAT time and the Mom was able to sit, socialize, and relax on her holiday.
Micah and Gabe competing in the 3-legged race
Eating a doughnut tied to a string hung from a tree with your hands behind your back game (or how can you fit 42 prepositional phrases in one sentence?)
Krissie posing with the lovely hostess and game organizer, Jenn.  We were under her patio canopy (which is orange) and so we look a little strangely colored in this picture!
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