Saturday, June 11, 2011

Piano Recital - Burg Lichtenburg

One of our FAVORITE things about our piano studio is the concerts at the castle.  The Grand Piano is at the top of a tower in the castle and the acoustics are amazing.  My boys, especially Noah, sure does love to have their fingers flying around those keys!! Here are 2 pictures and 2 videos of their performance at the castle.  Noah played 2 pieces during the recital, but the one I filmed a few days prior to the concert on our piano at home.  The sound isn't as great but I am including that video on this post as well so you can see both his recital pieces - mainly because the other song, Linus and Lucy, Noah learned JUST for me (his mom).

 All the kid's that performed

Noah's other recital piece - recorded a few days prior to this post:
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