Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pack 232 Crossover Campout

The annual Crossover Campout weekend for Pack 232 takes place right before school lets out for the year.  The boys campout on Friday night and then during a ceremony on Saturday they crossover a bridge where they shed their old rank and are presented with the colors and book for their new rank.  
My Wolf den crosses our bridge over to the other side where their parents are waiting to take off the yellow Wolf attire and put on their new Blue Bear colors.
After the ceremony we pose for a den picture with my new BEAR den and all their families.  Congratulations boys!
After the ceremony the boys change into some shorts (it was HOT) and spend the afternoon playing games as a Pack and doing activities as a Den.  We set up an obstacle course for the boys and they had a great time running the course and competing against each other, boy scouts, parents, and siblings. 
After all the sports and games our Den earned their Whittling Chit.  It is a requirment for their new Bear rank and allows them to carry a knife during campouts.  They have to go through a saftey course and then they practice by trying to carve something out of a bar of soap. Daddy bought Micah his own, brand-new, knife for this occasion and Micah was more excited about this than any other aspect of the campout.  In fact, ALL the boys were asking me (starting on Friday night) - when are we going to earn or whittling chit????  over and over!!
Again, blogger is the BANE of my existence with its retarded uploading problem... but all the pictures I took of Micah carving her soap were in portrait, so this is what you get!  I had to include it, he was so excited and so great. 
 my new bear den with all their knives and soap creations.
(top: Nick, Ayden, Luke, Grant, Micah, Dylan; bottom Brandon, Robert, Koby, Brent)
The campout was cut short Saturday night by severe thunderstorms that moved into the area - but not before we enjoyed a grill-out with burgers and hot-dogs and S'mores.  Rob had to turn the burgers with a shovel since there was not a spatula to be found.  Noah came up as a Boy Scout denner for my den but also enjoyed hanging out with his best bud, Noah, who is a WEBLO II in the pack.  I LOVE the picture of their matching marshmallow mouths.
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