Saturday, June 25, 2011

Munich Feis 2011

Our fifth 
and final Munich Feis. 

The Eight-Hand team before dancing.
Sarah's first dances were her team dances.  She was in a two-hand, four-hand, AND eight-hand.  All the teams she danced in took FIRST.  

The four hand team poses after dancing, Sarah and Leisha on stage accepting their trophies for first-place in the two-hand.  They had to change into their solo dresses before the results
The eight-hand team on stage accepting their trophies.  Even though they're not in their matching team costumes I love this shot of all the girls in their solo dresses ready to start their Intermediate dances.
(Sophie, Sarah, Sarah, Morgan, Olivia, Caitlyn, Hannah, Leisha)
We arrived at the venue 9after a morning of make-up application and wig-adjustment) around 10:30 AM and were there until almost 11 PM.  During the day Noah and Micah set up shop at this little table and dancers, siblings, and parents would stop by to play, visit, and snack.  The boys watched Sarah dance and were there to clap during results.  They never complained, never fought, and pretty much had the time of their lives just chilling out all day.  We sat on the balcony and you can see in the top right-hand corner the main stage below with dancers lining up.

Mary Sweeney (Landstuhl)and Shane McAvinchey (Munich) are the two teachers who run the school Sarah dances for and were in charge of this feis.

I'm SO MAD at blogger that I can not, no matter WHAT I do, get this photo to upload upright.  This is Sarah in her new solo costume.  
Since you're not allowed to take photos during the dancing I took this one right before she started her Intermediate dances.  She is also dancing in the Open/Championship level dances for the FIRST TIME ever - a level she has been working towards for 5 years.  Most of the kids in her age group she was dancing against have qualified and gone to the WOLRD championships!
Waiting on the floor for the Intermediate results.

Sarah placed really well in all her Intermediate dances.  She took a couple of first-paces which places her out of those dances, and even if in second or third she still placed in EVERY dance she was entered in; a fantastic achievement.  During her two championship dances she placed third in her heavy-shoe round and fourth in her light-shoe round.  This is incredible for a first timer at that level!  I have pictures of her on stage during all the different results, but I'm only going to post one of her taking first in the Intermediate slip-jig (or reel?  I can't tell and she took first in both those).
again, such a shame blogger is such a retarded tool!  

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