Sunday, May 8, 2011

you are 16......

We all woke up on Mother's Day ready for a BIG day!  First, off to the feis to watch Sarah compete, then we were going to walk around Salzburg and show the boys all our favorite spots before stopping in at the Dubliner Irish Pub (our annual tradition) for Fish n' Chips.

(Left - a dancer's feet - Sarah gets her all her tape applied for hard day's competition)

Our morning's breakfast was wonderful  - even if the kids couldn't cook momma breakfast in bed, at least the coffee was made and she didn't have to make breakfast!  We had a lot of fun poking fun of the creepy goose in the background of all our "Mother's Day" shots!

After breakfast we surprised the boys with some brand new Lego's we had bought for them.  Sometimes sitting at a feis can be a loooooooooooong day for a litte brother and we wanted to have something to keep them busy.  They were so excited and I think they're ready to attend ALL future competitions!  (left - the kids in front of the B&B sign before leaving for the feis)
The feis was A LOT of fun, although small.  It was running ahead of schedule - almost UNHEARD of.  Sarah was sad not to have her new solo dress (it wasn't shipped in time) but looked great in her new wig.  She placed well - but it was hard to place out of any of her dances since the feis was so small, but since she placed in EVERY dance she participated in and took three 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place it was a great boost to her self-confidence and a good insight for her teacher into her ability.
Sarah placing  first in her heavy jig and posing with a few of the girls from her school and age group.  They are posing on the ground because one of the girls had hurt her ankle during the competition.
Walking around Salzburg was a great time.  We saw Mozart's birth house, bought the famous Mozart chocolate, walked through the streets studying all the beautifully ornate building, statues, fountains, and flowerbeds.  We stopped in at the Dubliner for Fish n' Chips, then had ice cream on the way back to our car.  One of our favorite stops is the Mirabell Schloss grounds, it is a wonderful park and we love posing on the stairs, fountain, ect. that were used in the filming of "The Sound of Music" movie.
Still can't get blogger to upload these pictures correctly!  BLECH!  - Wanted to include the picture of the boys in front of Mozart's birth house - and eating a piece of Mozart chocolate anyway.... sorry it's sideways.

pictures from the park - recognize an movie scene shots?

Last stop of the day - FOOD!
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