Saturday, May 7, 2011

Salzburg Salt Mines

(below) a statue of a miner outside the entrance for the tour.  We had to wait about 15 minutes and the kids (and Rob) had a good time with funny poses.
We headed down to Sarah's dance competition in Salzburg, Austria on Saturday morning.  This year we decided to go as a family and spend some extra time doing a little sight-seeing.  The drive was only about 5 hours and we headed straight to the Salt-Mines to take a tour.  It was so interesting and we learned a lot.  The kids loved traveling through the mines deep, deep underground.  Seeing some of the narrow passages caved in, or walking through the low-ceilinged tunnels reminded us of Tolkein's Moira or maybe Rowling's Gringgotts.  We have expected to come across a dragon!  The best part were the slides we had to go down to get to the lower levels of the mine.  They were steep and FAST. 
I am still have trouble getting blogger to upload my "portrait" pictures right-side-up, but I want my blog to stay caught up, so I am going to just post them sideways for right now.  
We had to wear these shirts and pants over our clothes to go down into the mine.  The kids looked like dwarves!

After the salt-mine we headed to our bed and breakfast to get checked in.  We had a BEAUTIFUL view of the castle on one side and the mountains on the other, from our TWO balconys.  Then we went to seek out sustenance and ended up eating at the St. Augastine Brewery.  We were hoping for a tour, but you need to book on-line in advance, so we just tried the beer and had some great food.  Then it was time to get our dancer back to her bed!
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