Saturday, May 21, 2011


 Knowing it was to be her last recital here made Sarah a bit nostalgic for past recitals and friends that have moved.  It also made her sad to know the friends she will be leaving behind before the next year's performance.  Despite the bitterness it was probably the sweetest recital for Sarah as well.  The theme was Disney and Sarah adored all the dances Mrs. Mary put together.  The one funny story from the day is how Sarah turned into Tigger.  Sarah was going to dance with the Thursday beginner class that she helps teach.  They were dancing to "A Jig With Tig" and Sarah was going to be Tigger, but the rental costume she was supposed to wear didn't make it to the recital halle on time.  Luckily there was a lady there with a face painting kit  - but what to do about the rest of the costume?  While we were applying make-up in the bathroom Sarah's teacher runs in with a large orange polo - and I asked, "Mary did you strip a man?" to which she replied, "I did just that" - so with Sharon's mad make-up skills, black leggings, an orange polo, and black and orange electrical tape a Tigger costume was born!  
Sarah performed in two dances with her classes.  Mary Poppin's "Step in Time" and the Aristocats' "Everybody Wants to be a Cat".  You can watch both videos here - even though they're not the best quality (I don't know how to work Sarah's camera properly) you can pick Sarah out and see the wonderful choreography and brilliant dancing.  Sarah is pa
rticularly proud of the end of the Step in Time dance.  

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