Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Discouraged by Blogger

I have several blog posts waiting in the wings to be published.... but blogger did some sort of upgrade or something and ever since then I have been having MAJOR ISSUES getting my photos on the blog.  It's hard to get them to upload or add them to my page AND if I have any pictures taken with my camera sideways (or "portrait") the pictures will upload sideways no matter WHAT program I use to rotate them on my computer.  UHG!  I've written for help, posted on their help forums.... nada.  So, it's really discouraging to my OCD personality to do a post that I feel isn't completed because I can not include all the pictures I want.  I like to tell our story through photographs and if I can't use ALL that I want then I don't want to use any (the term "brat" might be running through your head right now, I'm not denying it).  I really don't want to have to switch my whole blog over to a new service, but this might be what it comes down to. Help?  Advice?

The friends who own Tango have recently PCS'd, but due to a timing error with Tango's shots he needs to remain in Germany a little longer and they have already left.  We agreed to keep Tango for about a month when his owner will return and take him back to the states to rejoin his family.  We love watching him and, after a few days to adjust, Phantom loves having him here too.  The boys are patiently waiting for the kids to finish school so they can go outside and play.
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