Monday, May 9, 2011

Bayern Park

We left Austria early Monday morning and planned to spend the day at "Bayern Park" before heading home.  It was just a little bit out of our way and worth the detour.  The park was a lot of fun and not very crowded.  We rode every ride and then some - enjoyed a yummy lunch and then piled in the car to head home.  Our whole trip was uneventful until.... about 2 hours from home we were stuck in a traffic mess where we came to a complete stand-still on the autobahn for almost 90 minutes. 

We rode almost every ride twice, and the roller coaster and river rapids rides 3 or 4 times each!

It's never a good sign when you see all the truck-drivers get out and start meandering about in the closed lanes.....
 It turned out that we were being shuffled down to one lane because of construction only to switch lanes and be shuffled into one lane on the opposite side because of an accident.  It was very slow going and took almost 2 hours to travel 10 km.
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