Thursday, May 26, 2011

Typical Tuesday = CRAZINESS!

Our Tuesday's are always crazy with dance and both scout meetings - and today we added an extra trip to our favorite local park with some friend's to celebrate a birthday.  Luckily our school has ended this week so this park day was kind of a last-day celebration in addition to the birthday party.  After the park we headed back over to base for dance, Micah's very last den meeting of the school year, and Noah's weekly troop meeting.
and a shot of my den enjoying their ice cream at our end-of-year party a little later this same day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Discouraged by Blogger

I have several blog posts waiting in the wings to be published.... but blogger did some sort of upgrade or something and ever since then I have been having MAJOR ISSUES getting my photos on the blog.  It's hard to get them to upload or add them to my page AND if I have any pictures taken with my camera sideways (or "portrait") the pictures will upload sideways no matter WHAT program I use to rotate them on my computer.  UHG!  I've written for help, posted on their help forums.... nada.  So, it's really discouraging to my OCD personality to do a post that I feel isn't completed because I can not include all the pictures I want.  I like to tell our story through photographs and if I can't use ALL that I want then I don't want to use any (the term "brat" might be running through your head right now, I'm not denying it).  I really don't want to have to switch my whole blog over to a new service, but this might be what it comes down to. Help?  Advice?

The friends who own Tango have recently PCS'd, but due to a timing error with Tango's shots he needs to remain in Germany a little longer and they have already left.  We agreed to keep Tango for about a month when his owner will return and take him back to the states to rejoin his family.  We love watching him and, after a few days to adjust, Phantom loves having him here too.  The boys are patiently waiting for the kids to finish school so they can go outside and play.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


 Knowing it was to be her last recital here made Sarah a bit nostalgic for past recitals and friends that have moved.  It also made her sad to know the friends she will be leaving behind before the next year's performance.  Despite the bitterness it was probably the sweetest recital for Sarah as well.  The theme was Disney and Sarah adored all the dances Mrs. Mary put together.  The one funny story from the day is how Sarah turned into Tigger.  Sarah was going to dance with the Thursday beginner class that she helps teach.  They were dancing to "A Jig With Tig" and Sarah was going to be Tigger, but the rental costume she was supposed to wear didn't make it to the recital halle on time.  Luckily there was a lady there with a face painting kit  - but what to do about the rest of the costume?  While we were applying make-up in the bathroom Sarah's teacher runs in with a large orange polo - and I asked, "Mary did you strip a man?" to which she replied, "I did just that" - so with Sharon's mad make-up skills, black leggings, an orange polo, and black and orange electrical tape a Tigger costume was born!  
Sarah performed in two dances with her classes.  Mary Poppin's "Step in Time" and the Aristocats' "Everybody Wants to be a Cat".  You can watch both videos here - even though they're not the best quality (I don't know how to work Sarah's camera properly) you can pick Sarah out and see the wonderful choreography and brilliant dancing.  Sarah is pa
rticularly proud of the end of the Step in Time dance.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bayern Park

We left Austria early Monday morning and planned to spend the day at "Bayern Park" before heading home.  It was just a little bit out of our way and worth the detour.  The park was a lot of fun and not very crowded.  We rode every ride and then some - enjoyed a yummy lunch and then piled in the car to head home.  Our whole trip was uneventful until.... about 2 hours from home we were stuck in a traffic mess where we came to a complete stand-still on the autobahn for almost 90 minutes. 

We rode almost every ride twice, and the roller coaster and river rapids rides 3 or 4 times each!

It's never a good sign when you see all the truck-drivers get out and start meandering about in the closed lanes.....
 It turned out that we were being shuffled down to one lane because of construction only to switch lanes and be shuffled into one lane on the opposite side because of an accident.  It was very slow going and took almost 2 hours to travel 10 km.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

you are 16......

We all woke up on Mother's Day ready for a BIG day!  First, off to the feis to watch Sarah compete, then we were going to walk around Salzburg and show the boys all our favorite spots before stopping in at the Dubliner Irish Pub (our annual tradition) for Fish n' Chips.

(Left - a dancer's feet - Sarah gets her all her tape applied for hard day's competition)

Our morning's breakfast was wonderful  - even if the kids couldn't cook momma breakfast in bed, at least the coffee was made and she didn't have to make breakfast!  We had a lot of fun poking fun of the creepy goose in the background of all our "Mother's Day" shots!

After breakfast we surprised the boys with some brand new Lego's we had bought for them.  Sometimes sitting at a feis can be a loooooooooooong day for a litte brother and we wanted to have something to keep them busy.  They were so excited and I think they're ready to attend ALL future competitions!  (left - the kids in front of the B&B sign before leaving for the feis)
The feis was A LOT of fun, although small.  It was running ahead of schedule - almost UNHEARD of.  Sarah was sad not to have her new solo dress (it wasn't shipped in time) but looked great in her new wig.  She placed well - but it was hard to place out of any of her dances since the feis was so small, but since she placed in EVERY dance she participated in and took three 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place it was a great boost to her self-confidence and a good insight for her teacher into her ability.
Sarah placing  first in her heavy jig and posing with a few of the girls from her school and age group.  They are posing on the ground because one of the girls had hurt her ankle during the competition.
Walking around Salzburg was a great time.  We saw Mozart's birth house, bought the famous Mozart chocolate, walked through the streets studying all the beautifully ornate building, statues, fountains, and flowerbeds.  We stopped in at the Dubliner for Fish n' Chips, then had ice cream on the way back to our car.  One of our favorite stops is the Mirabell Schloss grounds, it is a wonderful park and we love posing on the stairs, fountain, ect. that were used in the filming of "The Sound of Music" movie.
Still can't get blogger to upload these pictures correctly!  BLECH!  - Wanted to include the picture of the boys in front of Mozart's birth house - and eating a piece of Mozart chocolate anyway.... sorry it's sideways.

pictures from the park - recognize an movie scene shots?

Last stop of the day - FOOD!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Salzburg Salt Mines

(below) a statue of a miner outside the entrance for the tour.  We had to wait about 15 minutes and the kids (and Rob) had a good time with funny poses.
We headed down to Sarah's dance competition in Salzburg, Austria on Saturday morning.  This year we decided to go as a family and spend some extra time doing a little sight-seeing.  The drive was only about 5 hours and we headed straight to the Salt-Mines to take a tour.  It was so interesting and we learned a lot.  The kids loved traveling through the mines deep, deep underground.  Seeing some of the narrow passages caved in, or walking through the low-ceilinged tunnels reminded us of Tolkein's Moira or maybe Rowling's Gringgotts.  We have expected to come across a dragon!  The best part were the slides we had to go down to get to the lower levels of the mine.  They were steep and FAST. 
I am still have trouble getting blogger to upload my "portrait" pictures right-side-up, but I want my blog to stay caught up, so I am going to just post them sideways for right now.  
We had to wear these shirts and pants over our clothes to go down into the mine.  The kids looked like dwarves!

After the salt-mine we headed to our bed and breakfast to get checked in.  We had a BEAUTIFUL view of the castle on one side and the mountains on the other, from our TWO balconys.  Then we went to seek out sustenance and ended up eating at the St. Augastine Brewery.  We were hoping for a tour, but you need to book on-line in advance, so we just tried the beer and had some great food.  Then it was time to get our dancer back to her bed!