Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet 16 Sleepover

When Sarah was 13 years old she asked me if she could get her hair colored red.  I said that I wasn't opposed to her coloring her hair, but she should wait until she was a little older - perhaps 16.  She did NOT forget.  So, with he 16th birthday approaching we began to plan what she wanted to do.  The weekend before her birthday the boys would be gone on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts to Normandy, France.  What to do with a girlie weekend?  A trip?  Where to?   A Party?  As the day grew closer we decided to use the weekend for a very girlie sweet 16 sleepover.  On Friday morning Sarah slept in, and then I took her to the spa where she had her first manicure and pedicure.  After that we walked down to the Salon where she had her hair cut, colored, and styled.  After her day of pampering she had 3 of her closest friends meet her at the Salon and they went walking around downtown K-Town and out to eat at a Mexican resturaunt.  Then we came back to our house where the girls spent the next 12 hours in their pj's watching the best of the 80's teen romance movies.  They LOVED the classics like "Sixteen Candles", "Can't Buy Me Love", and "Pretty In Pink" among others. The feasted on chocolate and a terrific lunch on Satuday before heading to an Irish Dance gig on Saturday night at the Dubliner Irish Pub where their parents picked them up.   The picture on the left is after we came home from dinner on Friday night.
on the town in K-town and at the resturaunt
The lunch Sarah requested for her pj movie day: Spare ribs, home-made macaroni and cheese, cole-slaw, and salad.
Opening presents
The dessert Sarah wanted was berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream, so we stuck a candle in the cobbler and sang to her.
At the gig on Saturday night
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