Sunday, April 17, 2011

Normandy, France

Every 3 years the Transatlantic Counsil hosts a camporee in Normandy France.  Boys from ALL over Europe come as well as girl scouts and venturing crews.  They camp, sight-see, and participate in special ceremonies and presentations at American cemetaries with speakers from the French government as well as American and British persons.  The boys had a great time visiting sites around Normandy like Pegusus Bridge, Omaha Beach, and the American Cemetary.  They learned a lot and were facinated with the history.  They also really enjoyed camping, especially Micah who was so excited to be a part of the Boy Scouts for the weekend.  I will try to go back and caption all these pictures better when I can sit down with the boys and have them explain to me what I am looking at.
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