Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

Our last year spending St. Patrick's Day in the Irish Pubs in and around the KMC.
Sarah's school often dances at several different locations, often with times overlapping.  To help the schools split up Sarah's teacher put Sarah in charge of the first gig at the Dubliner Irish Pub in Ramstein.  Sarah did a GREAT job lining up the kids and running the show.  After this show Sarah went over to Oscar's in Landstuhl with another dancer and Krissie went home to pick up Rob.
The boys are used to hanging out in Pubs on St. Patrick's Day - They bring books, and game boys, and play made-up games using the pool tables.  Micah made a leprechaun craft to give to Sarah's teacher, Mary.
The second show at the Dubliner was a GREAT TIME!  Almost all the Intermediate/Open dancers came out, Mary was there, and the crowd was excited and enthusiastic. 
All the Intermediate and Open dancers with Mary before the performance.   Mary giving instructions and working out the set-list.

a short video to capture the dancers and the crowd... it's too dark to take pictures of the dancing, and this vdeo isn't the best, but it's a good glimpse.
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