Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rock Climbing

My co-den leader's family is PCS'ing.  Since she leads 2 dens and both her boys are scouts she had a joint going away party at the rock climbing place at outdoor rec.  After rock climbing we had a pizza party with all the boys.  It was a great time and a good way for all the boys to hang out before this family PCS's.  This took place just a day after Micah had finally stopped running a fever and Noah had also been sick for a couple of days.  They were still weak, especially Micah, but rallied because they so wanted to partcipate.  Micah did not make it very far up the wall and would like to go back when he is fully well!  (Left - a picture of the boys from my den)
Here is Micah(above) and Noah (below) trying to make it up the wall.  Noah was able to make it up a bit further than Micah since he'd been rock climbing before, but still not as far as he wanted to.
All the boys from both dens after the climb.
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