Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flu Math

(or why there are NO pictures of Dad's birthday.....)
1 - number of healthy people in my house
2 - days we accomplished school
3 - number of sick children (out of a possible 3)
4 - doses of Motrin per person per day
5 - average boxes of tissues PER DAY
6 - times up per night with one kid or another or a coughing attack
7 - cups of hot tea being consumed in the average hour
8x - amount of extra work my wonderful husband is doing
9 -times per day we are debilitated by coughing attacks
10(2.5) - average temp at any given time in our house over the past week

 The weather has been GORGEOUS this week and we've missed most of it, sick, on couches, under blankets, shivering with fevers.  On Thursday we all went outside in our jammies to at least soak up a little bit of warmth.  Phantom was SO HAPPY to resume his favorite summer spot - in the shade under the trampoline watching the field behind our house for signs of things to chase.
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