Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rock Climbing

My co-den leader's family is PCS'ing.  Since she leads 2 dens and both her boys are scouts she had a joint going away party at the rock climbing place at outdoor rec.  After rock climbing we had a pizza party with all the boys.  It was a great time and a good way for all the boys to hang out before this family PCS's.  This took place just a day after Micah had finally stopped running a fever and Noah had also been sick for a couple of days.  They were still weak, especially Micah, but rallied because they so wanted to partcipate.  Micah did not make it very far up the wall and would like to go back when he is fully well!  (Left - a picture of the boys from my den)
Here is Micah(above) and Noah (below) trying to make it up the wall.  Noah was able to make it up a bit further than Micah since he'd been rock climbing before, but still not as far as he wanted to.
All the boys from both dens after the climb.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flu Math

(or why there are NO pictures of Dad's birthday.....)
1 - number of healthy people in my house
2 - days we accomplished school
3 - number of sick children (out of a possible 3)
4 - doses of Motrin per person per day
5 - average boxes of tissues PER DAY
6 - times up per night with one kid or another or a coughing attack
7 - cups of hot tea being consumed in the average hour
8x - amount of extra work my wonderful husband is doing
9 -times per day we are debilitated by coughing attacks
10(2.5) - average temp at any given time in our house over the past week

 The weather has been GORGEOUS this week and we've missed most of it, sick, on couches, under blankets, shivering with fevers.  On Thursday we all went outside in our jammies to at least soak up a little bit of warmth.  Phantom was SO HAPPY to resume his favorite summer spot - in the shade under the trampoline watching the field behind our house for signs of things to chase.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baumholder campout

Noah went on a camp out with his Boy Scout troop for the weekend.  The campground was only about 35 minutes away, so they didn't have far to travel.  It was a cold, cold weekend, but they made the most of it and had a good time. (the picture Mom snapped of the troop when she dropped Noah off to the caravan)
These are a couple of shots that Noah took during the camp out.
Sun!  Yeah!
The camp ground
No campout is complete without FIRE!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade on base

The annual St. Patrick's Day parade on base was held despite the rain and cooler temps this year.  They shortened the parade route, which ended at the Youth Center, and started the carnival there early.  Noah was away on a Boy Scout camp out and Micah was one of the only Cub Scouts that came out to represent the scouts on base.  He was thrilled to lead the parade with his good friend, Noelle, and holding the banner.  Sarah was starting to feel awful on Friday night but wanted SO BADLY to participate in the parade and carnival since it is our last year here.  By the end of the parade she was looking pale and weak, but stayed to dance in a couple of dances during the carnival.  As soon as we got her home she passed out and slept for 36 hours straight. 
You can see Sarah is starting to feel peekid in these pictures - with her bestie, Hannah and Hannah's sister, Leisha and below with the twins Cormac and Cillian enjoying their green goop.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

Our last year spending St. Patrick's Day in the Irish Pubs in and around the KMC.
Sarah's school often dances at several different locations, often with times overlapping.  To help the schools split up Sarah's teacher put Sarah in charge of the first gig at the Dubliner Irish Pub in Ramstein.  Sarah did a GREAT job lining up the kids and running the show.  After this show Sarah went over to Oscar's in Landstuhl with another dancer and Krissie went home to pick up Rob.
The boys are used to hanging out in Pubs on St. Patrick's Day - They bring books, and game boys, and play made-up games using the pool tables.  Micah made a leprechaun craft to give to Sarah's teacher, Mary.
The second show at the Dubliner was a GREAT TIME!  Almost all the Intermediate/Open dancers came out, Mary was there, and the crowd was excited and enthusiastic. 
All the Intermediate and Open dancers with Mary before the performance.   Mary giving instructions and working out the set-list.

a short video to capture the dancers and the crowd... it's too dark to take pictures of the dancing, and this vdeo isn't the best, but it's a good glimpse.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Krissie's whole birthday week was busy with lessons, classes, appointments, and various other important goings on, but on Thursday, the day after her birthday, Rob sandwhiched a dinner out in between dance, doctors, school.  The food wasn't great, BUT the company was AWESOME!  It's also a great opportunity to show off the boys new, snazzy haircuts! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

On Wednesday March 2nd two United States Airmen were killed and 2 others injured during a shooting at the Frankfurt Int'l Airport (about 45 minutes from where we live). March 5th the two killed were taken to Ramstein AB to be flown home for burial. Saturday morning hundreds lined the base roads, from the gate to the flight line, to pay tribute to these heroes as the hearses drove by. It was a very emotional experience as complete silence fell over the crowds and we watched all the military members, many who were security forces, salute the fallen.

Mary stopped the class feis and the whole school as well as other members of the comminty waited for the memorial procession.


The annual Class Feis.  
A "Feis" is a competition for Irish Dance.  Usually different schools travel to a single location and compete on various stages in front of multiple judges.  Since most of the students come to Mary's school, Tir na nOg, as first time dancers traveling in the mainland European circuit to compete can be a bit intimidating.  To get dancers comfortable, and also give them a hunger for the competition, Mary hosts a feis each year for just the local students of her school.  She invites an outside judge, or adjudicator, from Ireland and the students compete against each other, according to their age or level.  She runs it just like a feis so that students can really get the feel of a competition in a more comfortable atmosphere - EXCEPT.... you're allowed to take photos and videos DURING the competition (something strictly forbidden at all feisanna not only because of the distraction, but also because different schools will sometimes try to "steal" dancers steps) AND she also has a family and a freestyle competition.  THe family competition is just that - families get up and do a little dance with their dancers.  The freestyle competition is for Intermediate and Open (the two highest levels) to compete in.  They can form teams, they chose the music, the steps/choreography, and the costumes.  It is a big hit every year with the dancers - this year Mary put the competition right after the beginners so that more people were encouraged to stay and not leave right after their results.  This meant it was Sarah's very first dance of the day.  Sarah competed with her best friend, Hannah, and Hannah's 3 sisters.  Leisha is also an Intermediate dancer, and the two little ones, while only beginners, got to participate because their big sisters were both performing.
Here is the video from their freestyle dance - which (in my humble opinion) should have placed first, but they walked away content with 3rd.  
(above - all the open and intermediate dancers BEFORE they got all sweaty competing.  Mary is on the far right, and the young lady not in a dress had a broken toe and couldn't dance)
For this competition Sarah participated in not only Intermediate dances, but some open as well.  And, I would just like to add that the 2 girls she mainly danced against were both girls who qualified and are going to World's!!  Sarah held her own and even ended up placing ahead of them in her reel! (Left, that blur is Sarah in the air - but I love that I caught Mary's concentration as she watches all her dancers side stage)
Sarah surprised herself my placing FIRST in her Open Reel.  I am putting a video of her performance on this blog.  I am hoping since only visitors of my blog will be able to see it that I'll be allowed to leave it up so her grandparents and family in the states can see her dance.  GO SARAH GO!

Here is the RESULTS picture - look at Sarah's smile - she couldn't believe it!

(Above) this is Sarah's heavy shoe trophy dance - the sound quality is poor and the image is small - sorry, but again I couldn't put it up on youtube for the already mentioned reasons. (Below) Look at Sarah up on toe!
The last competition was the team competition.  Sarah's 4-hand took first!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Wolf Den

During our Tuesday den meeting we had a special flag ceremony to honor all the boys' achievments as well as pin on the rank for the 3 boys that weren't able to make it to the Blue and Gold.  After the awards ceremony we had ice cream sundaes.  My co-leader, Michelle, is moving (to HAWAII!!) in a few short weeks, so we wanted to make sure and get a nice den picture before she moves!