Friday, February 25, 2011

Web II Crossover

One of my favorite things to participate in as a scout mom and den leader is the Weblo II's crossover to Boy Scouts.  It's so awesome to watch boys who have put in such hard work take that well earned walk over the bridge to join their new troop waiting for them.  Just last year we watched Noah make that transition, and this year he was one of the Boy Scouts waiting on the other side to welcome the new members of his troop.  Micah, a Wolf, helped to build the bridge that the boys would walk over.  The bridge is "built" of different planks each a symbol of how far the young man has come in his scouting career.
After the boys crossover they take off their bub scout sash, slide, and hat and have them replaced by a new member of their troop.  This was great for Noah and meant a lot to him, to be able to also recognize how far he has come in the year that he has been a Boy Scout.
The New members of the troop pose with the fellow scouts.  Congratulations Boys!
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